Pickling, Passivation and Washing Tanks

The Pickling, Passivation and Washing Tanks manufactured by MICHELON have different dimensions according to the customer's needs.

Rectangular format tank with top entry, upper edges, side and bottom made of 100% virgin polypropylene sheets with UV protection, without seams or welds in length, allowing free expansion without any operational failure;
Inclined bottom for flow, with lateral exit;
Structural reinforcements manufactured with SAE 1020 rectangular tubes with epoxy paint and corrosion resistant polypropylene outer coating;
Filling between the double side of polypropylene with rock wool and internal compartment for installation and protection of resistances;
Forged steel eyebolts for hoisting fixed to the metal structure;


Made with polypropylene sheets with UV protection (PPZ), process of welding by thermofusion and extruder according to DIN-1910 and DVS-2505, guaranteeing the tightness and safety against any type of rupture;
Low weight and long life, with high resistance to impacts, solvents, chemicals and temperatures up to 80º;
Non-stick, reducing the time required for cleaning and maintenance;
The "Polypropylene" side material, naturally low in thermal conductivity, added to the rock wool coating, provides excellent insulation, thus reducing energy consumption for temperature maintenance to the optimum and constant extent.

Technical information, please consult our sales department.

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