Gas Washer

Gas washer with centrifugal extractor in polypropylene.
Michelon designs and manufactures gas scrubbers for all industry segments. Dimensioned according to customer's need.
The Gas Washer is an environmental equipment used for the treatment of atmospheric emissions.
Works by performing the retention and neutralization of gaseous chemical components.

 Characteristics :
 * Collects particles of gases simultaneously;
 * Activated carbon filter for retention of smell and particulate organic gases;
 * Ability to perform gas cooling;
 * Allows collection and neutralization of corrosive gases and mists;
 * Made with polypropylene (PP) sheets with UV protection;
 * Welding by thermofusion and extruder;
 * Durability, impact resistance, chemicals, solvents and temperature;
 * Special design, customized according to the needs of the client, meeting the environmental standards, * Accompanies ART;
 * Technical manual descriptive of functions and maintenance.


 * Fully built in PP
 * Longer life
 * Dimensioned for each application
 * Low energy consumption
 * High efficiency

Technical information, please consult our sales department.

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