Nr12 Standart Safety at work in machines and equipment

Nr12 Standart Safety at work in machines and equipment
Following the highest international standards, NR-12 aims to define technical references and protective measures to guarantee the health and physical integrity of workers, establishing minimum requirements for the prevention of accidents during the use of machinery and equipment.
We develop projects for total compliance with the NR12 standard according to each production structure. The Safety of Work makes it possible to carry out a more organized, pleasant and safe work.
• Each Drum shall have complete perimeter protection on the sides, rear and front of the equipment, which prevents the operator from accessing the boom while it is moving (rotation);
• Do not create crushing or grasping points with machine parts or other protections;
• Do not have sharp edges or other dangerous protrusions;
• Start, Speed, and throttle position monitoring;
• Emergency Brake;
• Preventive maintenance information and alerts;
• Technical responsibility report issued by a safety engineer.