Basic Maintenance Tips on Tanning Drums

Basic Maintenance Tips on Tanning Drums
Maintenance should be one of the care to be taken for a good life of the equipment. Before calling a technical assistant, check the following items:
Pinion and Rack:
Lubrication is done with asphalt bituminous grease, which should be applied whenever the gear is dry.
This grease due to its high adhesion remains in the teeth for a long time, reducing the wear and the noise of open gears.
Added lithium soap greases may also be used and should be replaced whenever the rack teeth appear clean and shiny.
Do not mix for any reason products of synthetic type with mineral type products;
• It is important that for any maintenance performed on the gear unit the equipment is switched off;
• Try to change the oil with the gearbox, because the viscosity of the oil is lower, thus facilitating the extraction of the lubricant;
• Never use any type of solvent for the internal washing of the gear unit between the oil changes, but when disassembling for any maintenance it becomes necessary to become more efficient, since the contact of the solvent with the seals causes the deterioration early stages;
• Always keep the oil level, the fuel and drain plugs at all times accessible;