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The Evolution of MICHELON Tanning Drums

The Evolution of MICHELON Tanning Drums
The world scenario shows us the need for ecologically correct measures, preservation of the environment and conscious use of natural resources to guarantee a sustainable future.
Over time, the Tannery Drum has undergone considerable evolutions. At the beginning, in the tanning processes, it was worked with large amounts of water, which considerably reduced the mechanical effect on the interior of the Drums and consequently, the penetration and fixation of the chemical inputs in the skins. As a consequence there was greater consumption of chemicals and water to be treated.
However, the internal structure of the Drum evolved, Michelon developed The Multiaction Drum, having as main characteristic the increase of load with reduction in the percentage of bath. This system moves the hides and skins through pallets, replacing the billets. The pallets have T-shaped edges, whose objective is to offer greater resistance to the fall / drag of the skins to the lower part of the shaft during its rotation, providing a more effective transport of the same to the maximum height point, from of which, they will fall directly on the bath and also on the mass of hides and hides, reaching optimum values ??of mechanical action and absorption of chemical inputs.
With the same number of equipment, physical area and even number of employees, we will have an increase in productivity, on average:
? Liming ................. 30 to 50%
? Tanning ............... 60 to 80%
? Rettaning ............ 60 to 100%
The equipment will remain with the same motor power, or in some cases, the power will decrease, the cost per leather produced will be relatively smaller, we can say that the consumption reduction is around 50%.
With the load increase ranging from 30 to 100%, the amount of water used will be reduced proportionally, so depending on the percentage of bath for each process, the reduction can be up to 50%.
? Better quality of processed hides due to increased mechanical effect;
? Lower consumption of chemicals;
? Reduced waste volume for effluent treatment;
? Reduction of the time in the processes, due to the water reduction for later flow;
? Possibility of producing with the same draft, small, medium and large loads.
? Better distribution of drive forces (right and left turn)