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Nr12 Standart Safety at work in machines and equipment

Following the highest international standards, NR-12 aims to define technical references and protective measures to guarantee the health and physical integrity of workers, establishing minimum requirements for the prevention of accidents during the use of machinery and equipment.
We develop projects for total compliance with the NR12 standard according to each production structure. The Safety of Work makes it possible to carry out a more organized,...

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The Law of Leather in Brazil

The Law No. 4.888 prohibits the use of the term leather in products that are not obtained exclusively from animal skin. Its infringement is a crime of unfair competition.
The most recurring terms for wrongly labeling products created with synthetic material that imitate leather are: synthetic leather, eco leather, natural leather, green leather, fake leather, leather and eco leather.
Synthetic materials are those whose compositions are made...

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Basic Maintenance Tips on Tanning Drums

Maintenance should be one of the care to be taken for a good life of the equipment. Before calling a technical assistant, check the following items:
Pinion and Rack:
Lubrication is done with asphalt bituminous grease, which should be applied whenever the gear is dry.
This grease due to its high adhesion remains in the teeth for a long time, reducing the wear and the noise of open gears.
Added lithium soap greases may also be...

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The Evolution of MICHELON Tanning Drums

The world scenario shows us the need for ecologically correct measures, preservation of the environment and conscious use of natural resources to guarantee a sustainable future.
Over time, the Tannery Drum has undergone considerable evolutions. At the beginning, in the tanning processes, it was worked with large amounts of water, which considerably reduced the mechanical effect on the interior of the Drums and consequently, the penetration and...

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Michelon is present at the main tannery markets in Brazil, Latin America and Europe. We believe that personal contact is the best way to sell and promote our products and services. Your visit is always welcome and we hope to make a commercial exchange where we will always welcome you with great satisfaction and courtesy.



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